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Сет ребрасти

Quality, innovation, research

Details. That is Breda Lorret's line of business. Planning their production, building them, arranging their distribution and providing prompt pre and post-sales assistance. "Attention to detail" is not just a catchphrase, it is our personal way of looking at and presenting ourselves to the marketplace, ensuring the installer safe and reliable performance. Such attention begins with a careful analysis of all production and managerial processes and is perfected through painstaking attention being paid to business logic and the organisation of the company‘s tasks. Breda Lorett's products are checked and tested by highly qualified personnel, and covered by a two-year guarantee against production defects.

Breda Lorett produces and markets the following:

  • belt tensioners and transmission kits
  • thrust bearings for cars, lorries and agricultural vehicles
  • wheel bearings and kits
  • shock absorber bearings and plugs
  • dampers

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