Vector is one of the global manufacturer and supplier in independent renewal market of commercial auto spare parts. It is a solid corporation whose brands have been standing over 30 years with its features of sustainability, quality, service, reliability and innovative understanding.

TRW Aftermarket is a leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products. Our Braking systems, Steering and Suspension parts, Commercial Vehicle components and Service Tools are legendary for their engineering quality and innovative design. They are also famously well tested, in-house and independently.

SAMPA Automotive Inc, founded in 1994, supplies spare parts for many heavy duty vehicles, trailers and buses as a manufacturing company that Turkish Automotive sector takes pride in.

Samco Autotechnik GmbH is manufacturer and dealer of commercial vehicle and industrial spare parts, and also Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and supplier of the commercial vehicle aftermarket. Samco produces an extensive spare part assortment, and develops cost-effective production sites through many years of global sourcing. The selection of suppliers is limited to DIN-ISO certified and extremely experienced producers.

The company has been established in 1950’s and manufacturing steering and suspension parts since 1982 under the brand of ROTA. ROTA manufacture over 10.300 OEM references product such as tie rod end, ball joint, centre rod, axial joint, triangular torque rod, torque rod and repair kit for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, construction machines and special vehicles.