Engine Cooling

More than just a mere brand, Calorstat is a true reference recognised worldwide in the field of automobile spare parts. Created in 1927 and relaunched in 1991, Calorstat has established itself with the largest manufacturers, on all five continents. Calorstat currently represents 21% of Vernet’s turnover. In the years to come, new products will be created with the aim of achieving compatibility with the life cycle of automobile products. In the Aftermarket field, Vernet also offers a particularly wide range of products.

Van Wezel Autoparts (part of the Unipart Group of Companies and associated supplier of Temot International and ATR) is one of the leading players in Europe in manufacturing and distribution of automotive body and cooling parts due to a constant focus on quality and innovation.

Saleri is a leading company in the design, development and production of water pumps and cooling systems for the automotive industry. Its research and development work, the flexibility of its technical solutions and the continuous updating of its quality standards are the key features of the “Saleri method” and give all our products added value.

NRF is one of the market leaders when it comes to the design, production and distribution of aftermarket products in the field of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems for cars and light trucks. Large retailers of vehicle parts, radiator shops and installation specialists all over the world rely on NRFÕs high-grade products.

Over the years, Nissens has invested significant resources in research on and development of engine cooling and climate system components for the automotive segment. More than 95 years of thermal know-how and manufacturing experience mean that we are able to meet the needs for comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts, while at the same time, being a market educator for technical insight into the systems field.